Our Mission

Design & sell reliable and cost effective prechamber spark plugs, while helping engine OEMs and Tier 1 system organizations around the world, reach their full potential through the development of unique engine combustion systems.

Headshot Luigi 2022

Dr. Luigi Tozzi

Founder & President

More than 3 decades of experience in ignition and combustion physics

Emmanuela Headshot

Emmanuella Sotiropoulou

Co-Founder & Vice President

Nearly 2 decades of experience in engine development and combustion simulations

Company Overview

Prometheus was formed in April of 2010 with the purpose of designing and selling prechamber spark plugs while providing combustion solutions for the stationary, natural gas engine market (Power Generation & Gas Compression). Since then, Prometheus’ reach has extended, through global partnership channels, to Marine Propulsion, Automotive, Racing and UAV engine applications.

Prometheus is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and in Munich, Germany. Its facilities include engineering offices, computer clusters and labs for bench simulations of spark ignition and combustion phenomena in optical chambers. Here, advanced combustion CFD modeling and simulation algorithms are validated and used to develop eco-friendly combustion solutions through the use of carbon-free and carbon-neutral fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, biogas, natural gas, etc.

Prometheus’ offerings include hi-tech prechamber products, innovative combustion solutions, engineering consulting and training services and are supported by numerous international patents and technical publications.


Full Benefits Package

Full medical, dental, vision and retirement package available to employees



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Top 10

Best Places to Live

Outstanding professional growth and career opportunities are offered in the emerging field of engine combustion R&D. The individual selected will operate in a highly technical and dynamic environment where the most advanced technologies are further developed to create unique solutions that significantly reduce environmental emissions and energy consumption, while reducing operating costs. Furthermore, he/she will be interacting with the most prestigious and influential industrial and academic leaders and forums. Access to fast advancements in responsibilities and compensations will be given based on demonstrated outstanding performance and long-term commitment to unique contribution in our company’s industry.

Open Positions

Prometheus is constantly seeking individuals with the passion and qualifications to make a difference in this industry.  If you think that is you, please contact us and/or send a resume to info@prometheus-at.com.