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Prometheus prechamber technologies use patented flow dynamics to prevent misfire and preignition, increase engine efficiency and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. This is accomplished by enhancing the flame propagation of ultra-lean and highly diluted mixtures of fossil fuels such as natural gas and gasoline, in addition to zero-carbon fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia, and carbon-neutral fuels such as methane and methanol.

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Prechamber Spark Plugs

These products remarkably improve the engine efficiency/emission trade-off and combustion stability while extending spark plug durability. Available in M10, M12, M14, M18 (our most popular sizes), and M22.

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Radial Spark Plugs

The Radial spark plug has a durable design optimized for the flow dynamic used in lean burn fuel-fed and passive prechambers.

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Passive Prechambers

Passive prechambers are an alternative to prechamber spark plugs, providing the advantage of having a removable spark plug.

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Lean Burn Prechambers

These products are an alternative to rich burn fuel-fed prechambers and provide a significantly improved engine efficiency/emissions trade-off.