Engine Combustion Developments

Breadth of Experience:

The Prometheus Insight

Nowadays engine OEMs and Tier 1 systems organizations are facing enormous pressure for reducing the carbon footprint & greenhouse gases from engines to comply with the legislative mandates aimed at climate change mitigation.  In this context, achieving remarkable improvements in combustion engine performance and emissions, represent a significant challenge requiring specialized assistance from multi-disciplinary organizations having broad application experience and validated analytical methods & tools.

Prometheus’ breadth of engine application experience (Gas Compression, Power Generation, Marine and Automotive) and unique ignition/combustion simulation capability, are offered to help the engine OEMs and the Tier 1 systems organizations advancing their technologies and products through novel solutions that improve engine efficiency, emissions and cost of ownership with conventional fuels (natural gas, biogas, gasoline, etc.) and with alternative fuels (hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, etc.).

Methods & Tools

Over the last decade, Prometheus has developed high fidelity analytical methods and tools validated for a broad range of engine size, power level and application.  These include modeling and simulations for 1-D engine systems, transient thermal FEA and 3-D combustion CFD.

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